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Welcome to YourLearningDesk’s study resource section. In this section of the website we aim to provide you with useful information and advice that will help to improve your learning experience.

Using the navigation menu to the right you will be able to access useful and informative guides on how to complete course and improve your studies. We aim to provide you with great quality learning materials that help you in achieving your study and career goals.

Our study materials have been designed to created in an easy to understand and interactive format. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your learning experience and we hope you leave us feedback on the portal.


General Study Hints and Tips:

  • Learn the overall concept of each module first. Once you have grasped the gist of what is being said, then go back over your readings and your notes to then get the finer details.
  • Make notes whilst studying and summaries in your own words, this will help you absorb the information better.
  • Talk over what you have learned with someone. Being able to verbalise what you have learned will help you to speak clearly and confidently about what you have learned.
  • Find a good place to study, by good we mean distraction free, comfortable seating at a desk preferably, well lit area, and free from a lot of human traffic.

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