Category: Study Resources

How do I reference?

Our tutors have written a useful guide that will help you to understand how to reference your work: See the Guide to Referencing in the Study Resources section

How to read and evaluate external resources

What is the best way to Study?

Generally speaking, we recommend that you read through the particular course modules, taking any notes where necessary or that you feel are good learning points. Ensure you take detailed notes and research any concepts that you may not initially understand

Should I be making study notes?

This is largely dependant upon your particular method/style of learning.We would strongly recommend that you take notes whilst working your way through your course to ensure you gain the most from studying, however this is entirely up to you.You can

Do you offer any tips?

Your Team Training Portal comes with a fantastic Study Resources section, which provides you with detailed tips and guides on how you can improve your studies. Learn how to set goals, key aspects of time management and guidance for studying online.The image below shows