Category: Course Questions

Different types of assessment?

On the Team Training Portal we provide a variety of online courses and training material. Some of our courses will have a final multiple choice test as a form of final assessment, whereas some courses will be assignment based requiring the

Do I need to add a reference list?

For completion of your work it is not mandatory that you provide a reference list.However, we are aware that some students have a preferred style of working, so if you choose to include a reference list and/or bibliography that is

How do I reference?

If your course requires you to produce answers or assignments for formal marking from a tutor, as a general rule, when referencing your work we suggest candidates to use the stand Harvard Referencing System.In the Harvard system, the author’s surname

How long do I have access to the course?

Generally speaking all our courses are accessible for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can start studying for as long as you please, then if you ever need to take a break from your studies you can always come

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

Generally speaking there is no time limit to complete the course. We do not want to add any pressure to you completing your studies, so we give you the comfort of studying in your own time, without any hassle of deadlines.You

How do I access my course?

You will be able to access all your available courses under the My Courses tab in the menu bar.See the image below: Once you hover your mouse’s cursor over the ‘My Course’ menu bar you will see a list of

Course time limits

At the Team Training Portal we provide a variety of courses and training resources. Each course comes with its own recommended study time. This can be found under the My Courses section, which will detail the specific recommended study hours for

Can I view all modules at once?

Yes, you are able to view all modules at once. We don’t like to restrict you or control your learning so you will not need to complete each module in order and achieve a certain % to move on.

Should the Word count be exact

Student often ask “Does the word count for my assignment have to be exact?”If you assignment question has a particular word count, for example 1,500 words or 2,500 words, when you produce the assignment you should adhere to the word